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"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."


Stop in to meet and learn about Freemasonry

We have Regular meetings twice a month.  The First and Third Mondays of the month.  If you are interested in Freemasonry, please stop by before one of our meetings at 7:00pm.

You can also contact us at :


Open House

There will be an Open House, “Square and Compass Day”,

on Saturday October 10, 2015 from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  

Please come by to learn about the Freemasons.  

Refreshments will be served.

Colonial – Prospect Lodge No. 24, F.& A.M.

370 East Main Street

Chester, N.J. 07930


The Rank of Masonry

As June is upon us it seems to me it was only weeks ago when I wrote my first message to you in January. One thing that can always be counted on is the passage of time. Like that perfect clock, the ticking of life continues day by day, month by month, year by year. The key to a satisfying life is using that time effectively toward achieving your goals, providing for your families and working towards a life of satisfaction and joy. Our great Creator has given each of us 86,400 seconds per day to do with as we see fit. For men that have awakened to the joy of life and living, they quickly realize that time is the greatest gift we have; it is unlimited in value and provides each of us with vast potential if is used effectively.

This quest for the betterment of oneself and the seeking of true light is the reason that so many commit to join our fraternity. It is that longing for answers, and a passion to live a life well-traveled that ignites that initial flame in our minds and hearts.

To truly experience the gift of Masonry, we must allow the Craft to take a role in our day to day existence, to become part of who we are, to be something that is of importance and ranks prominently in our priorities. Many let themselves come to the belief that the gifts of the Craft require no commitment of mind or matter, or time or effort, and that having blue cards in our wallets will automatically unleash a wave of wisdom and enlightenment. This is, of course, not true. This thinking has led many to allow the light of Masonry in their hearts to become no more than a dim flicker of what could have been.

I ask that each of you look into your hearts and allow that light of Masonry to grow and prosper. Your efforts and the dedication of that precious time will be returned to you ten fold. As with any great quest, the goal of a life well lived is one that is achieved through dedication and action. To have just the desire is not enough. One who only watches his goals through the window of life and waits for them to arrive will almost certainly never achieve them.

God Bless each of you and your families and God Bless Masonry.

Fraternally, Mark Bauerlein, WM

The Man in the Mirror

It is important to the flow of life that each man understands his purpose, his source of joy, goals, challenges and a vision of who and what he desires to be, morally, spiritually and physically. This is irrespective of age, social status or station in life.

For many, the pace and structure of modern life has created an environment of stress, worry and, for many, a feeling of being on an endless treadmill of effort without results. We become lost, constantly reacting to what is expected of us by others, being pulled in multiple directions by multiple people and slowly, over time, losing sight of the true meaning of what life really is. For me, pursuing Masonic light has always translated to pursuing a more perfect and satisfying life, of truly seeing the beauty in the world and the opportunities it provides, becoming one with nature, spirit, and our Creator.

I believe that, for a lucky few, there is an awakening to this knowledge and only once that awakening has occurred can an individual really introduce meaningful change in their lives, to allow the mind to clear, to begin to form a vision, and for that vision to begin to shape our reality. An awakening can be brought about in many ways. For some, it is through study and research; for others, as a result of personal tragedy or reaching a point of despair.

We, as Masons, are very fortunate, for Masonry provides each of us with a basis for this awakening of spirit, an understanding of life and our purpose for being here. Masonry provides each with the ability to look deeply into himself, to tap into the knowledge of his brothers, to explore, envision and become who he really wishes to be in all facets of his life.
When possible, find a quiet time and stand before a mirror for 15 minutes. Look into your eyes, your mind, your body and soul. For many, this will be an experience that you have never taken the time to do. Let yourself see who you really are and let your mind open to the vision of who you wish to become. Ask yourself honestly: is this who I wish to be; is there more? As simple of a task as this may seem to be, doing it can often have profound results.

Know that the light of Masonry is within you, and allow it to flourish and grow. An individual can make dramatic and profound changes in their lives in one moment – just by deciding to take the step, committing to it and letting that commitment drive each day. Learn to explore; let your visions and life grow beyond what you thought was possible yesterday; be the man you want to be. Let the tenants of Masonry guide and support you and you will be able to awaken yourself to a life of bounty, joy and happiness.

God Bless each of you.

Fraternally, Mark Bauerlein, WM

The Traveling Man

Brethren, Masonry provides many outlets for growth, expression, self-fulfillment and an awakening to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. In my Masonic life I have been fortunate enough to experience and witness this internal enlightenment through many different paths, but one that has stood out to me as having great impact is the Masonic practice of traveling, of being able to explore the world around us.  Once each of you completed your Master Mason degree you were afforded a privilege that is often forgotten about, or considered a chore or task.

That privilege is the ability to Travel Freely.

The freedom of masons to travel and to visit other lodges is one of the oldest and most widely practiced customs of our organization.  Well before the birth of the Speculative Craft, operative masons were privileged workers, who were bestowed with the freedom to travel to other lands, to employ their unique skills toward the completion of many of the world’s greatest building projects. This fluid nature of the Operative Craft led to the formation of trade societies, known as lodges, to protect the professional integrity of their occupation, and to enhance the moral and social practices of their members. It is surmised, not without some evidence, that the modes of recognition were originated in the operative period as a means of identifying the genuinely skilled mason who came to visit a lodge in search of work.

Today, Masonic travel gives each of us the ability to be welcomed with open arms throughout the world as a true brother in mind and spirit.  To partake in the knowledge and singular skills that each lodge possesses, to dine at their tables as an accepted member of their family, to seek their help and support and to avail oneself of an almost limitless pool of expression and light. What other body or organization can offer so much, this is the truest expression of the mystic tie that binds us all as one.

As I write this I hope that each of you will take time to consider the value of travel, to integrate with not only the brethren of your lodge but with the masonic world itself.   To assist where you skills can be of value, to learn from the craft and allow yourselves to become better men through the knowledge and experiences that are waiting for you. I hope to see many of you in my travels and wish each of you health and fulfillment as you begin to experience the journeys that life offers.

I am a traveling man.

On a path from whose bourn no traveler returns.

The final destination is not the goal.

The goal is the odyssey itself, and what I learn with every new vista.

Fraternally, Mark Bauerlein, WM

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